Motor - GO Karts - RC

Custom made LEDs Traffic lights

All kind of color combination, sizes and applications. From Go Karts to F1 official standard.


Home sequence FIA

PixelCom offers a full range of LED lights that covers the vast majority of our customers' needs. We can make custom designs depending on size, discs color and discs combination. The control can be done directly from our software application or through a remote control to operate autonomously.

Main Features:

- Long life span.
- Forget about changing traditional bulbs.
- Low power comsuption.
- Wireless remote control or timing software control.


Competition Traffic lights

All possibilities

Race status control and display.

SemáforoFIATraffic light system control fully customizable.

Rental GO karts LED traffic lights

Many possibilities

Traditional of F1 style start.

Image descriptionPixelCom timing software also controls traffic lights.