Taylor made Point of Sale

On demand hardware and software

Specific needs both in hardware and software. Special requirements to cover a multitude of options. All details have to provide the best service to customers.

PíxelCom offers complete POS systems development to cover all needs of its customers.

Main Features:

- Choose among a great range of hardware.
- High reliability.
- Integration with existing systems.
- Multi-POS and Multi-User.
- Development of procedures according to customer specifications.

Touch Screens

Many sizes and formats.

Starting LightsFrom standard screens to panel format, including OEM designs for complex systems integration.

Allow fast, safe and intuitive software management for greater comfort of use

In some cases, it may be preferable to a conventional display and standard keyboard and mouse. Always depending on the software to use.

Point fo sale PC.

Compact and reliable systems

Image descriptionPOS computers do not need to be very powerfull units. Software systems do not perform heavy computational operations, so average light processor machines can be used.

Many times space or design concepts are more important when choosing the right units.

All in one PCs

Touch screen + POS CPU.

Starting LightsThis approach offers a very compact and convenience solution for POS systems.

This main advantaje is to be a espace saver solution and also less wires to connect. For the same size of a screen, this is both screen and CPU.

Different cpu power and screen sizes depending on particular application.

Receipts printers

Fast and silent. Paper autocut.

Image descriptionQuiet and with great speed. Many models have a connector for automatic opening of the drawer.

The only consumable used is the paper itself as these printers do not use any ink.

Different models with varying features depending on the needs of the application.

Barcode readers

Easy and safe selling with barcode id.

Starting LightsCCD or laser technology for this equipment. It is still widely used in many applications.

Barcode identification is a traditional solution for a fast and safe product identification.

Cash drawer

Keep your money inside.

Image descriptionDifferent sizes depending on required or available espace.

Fron holes for bills insert without opening the drawer.

Keep the money organized everytime.

Magnetic stripe readers

Lo/co & Hi/co. Tracks 1,2 and 3.

Starting LightsMembership or credit card reading for charging, access control or Id.

Smartcard & RFID readers

New standards for Identification.

Image descriptionCompact and easy to use readers for the new generation ofidentification systems. They have some advantages regarding security and increased features when comparing with traditional systems.

Fast and reliable id that also includes cash card features if needed. Also as loyalty cards, they can store information about points, etc..

Any kind of information can be stores depeding on models and requeriments.

Multi-pos & Multi-user

Centralized control from a powerfull "back office" software.

Starting LightsProduct and price management, user set-up and many other features.

Able to connect as many POS as necessary, they all will share information about product prices, discounts, etc..

Tailor made software solutions

Adapt to any specific needs.

Image descriptionProducts selling, membership control and many other features can be included in any specific solution.

Products can be grouped for an easy and clear organization.

Tickets can be customized in order to show what is exactly required.

Hardware control & integration

Access barriers.

Image descriptionThe software system can print access tickets for facilities and also grant access to certain places in cards.

A very robust centralized control but intuitive and easy to use system.

Many hardware devices can be integrated in order to offer a a very complete solution in a short period of time.